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Even though I am writing this blog but This is not my main blog. This site give me identity but there is no subject for this.

I found some very good blogger friends all because of this. But when they come here,it makes very different image of me.

I am a finance blogger as well as CFA Candidate.  Writing and analyzing Companies which are listed on Indian stock market. I have one website for it where I am writing about ratios, companies and sectors.

I started this blog when my current blog is not even in my mind. That’s why you can’t find much of my writing in first somedays. I was not Good blogger then.

I am going to make it sticky post. You can comment here. I will surely reply for good comments. 

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Thanks for all your support. To all bloggers.

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Capricorn Facts!

My Special one

Gray Fay

#Capricorn = cold & mysterious on the outside but on the inside a Capricorn is warm & mushy & beyond caring..

#Capricorns hate feeling smothered..

#Capricorn can be your bestfriend or your worst nightmare, but it is totally up to you..

When in love, a #Capricorn will love whole-heartedly even though we may not necessarily show your feelings..

Once a #Capricorns mind is made up, it’s made up, there’s more than likely no back and fourth..

It will take time to get close to a #Capricorn, but it’s always worth the wait..

Trying to attract a #Capricorn? Start off on a intellectual level the physical will follow..

#Capricorns are not the type to go looking for things, they just seem to naturally come to us..

#Capricorns are very stubborn and are not always nice when things don’t go our way..

It is kinda hard to fully understand…

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Asset Allocation Explained

Anything You Want - A Personal Finance Blog

Asset Allocation Explained _

If you’ve read a little about personal finance, you’ve probably heard the term “asset allocation.” I talked about it a bit in my post about how my accounts are allocated between retirement and non-retirement assets, but it is an important topic and one that deserves more attention. Today, I’m going to explain asset allocation in more detail and share my own asset allocation.

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Six Tips for Newbie Bloggers

True North Nomad

Happy New Year 2017! As with every other year, you have no idea how happy I am to see you. Well, maybe you are aware for obvious reasons but 2017 is shaping up to be an epic year of change.  For TNN, 2017 will be a year about transformation in… health, finance, travel and life! So to ring in this lovely new year and as a Happy Anniversary to TNN (yes we are celebrating our 2nd) here are 6 things we’ve learned (and wish someone had told us) about blogging in the past 24 months at the keyboard.

Six Tips for Newbie Bloggers


Beware of the Weirdos On The Internet!

Everyone from my mother to my banker warned me of the weirdos on the internet.  Be wary of the criminals and pedophiles, don’t get cat fished or pulled in by scams they cautioned.  I get it.  Putting yourself out there…

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10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Is Not Attending Intelligence Briefings

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From the very first briefing, Donald Trump was annoyed to find out during the daily intelligence briefings the FBI would provide neither a daily stack of new adoring articles about Donald Trump, nor the information about those who criticizing Trump online and where they live. Image source: poluticususa During the the very first intelligence briefing, Donald Trump was annoyed to find out that the FBI isn’t planning to provide a daily stack of new adoring articles about Donald Trump, nor the information about those who criticizing Trump online and where they live.
Image source: poluticususa

As all winners of presidential elections before him, Donald Trump gets daily intelligence briefings from the CIA and the FBI. However, according to the news reports, he has been actually attending these daily briefings only about once a week or so. Here are 10 reasons why Donald Trump is skipping most of his intelligence briefings.

1)  Donald Trump doesn’t believe that anyone can possibly have more intelligence than he does.

2)  Donald Trump finds it extremely difficult and frustrating to keep having to enter the access code to the briefing room with his tiny fingers.

3)  Donald Trump doesn’t need daily briefings because…

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