Most Expensive Share in Market

There are many shares with market price more than ₹10000/ share.
1. MRF tyre manufacturing company. Highest price is ABOVE ₹40000/ Share. Feb 2014 the price of the stock is ₹18700. In one year it touched ₹40000. More than 100% profit.
2. Bosch. German Auto parts maker. Feb 2014 8857. Now 22860. Reason? Brand-name. It is now part of Nifty also.
3. Tide water oil. Now at 15160. Feb 2014 trading around 7500. Highest price was around 18800.
4. Eisher motors. Manufacturing company of Boys favorite Royal Enfield. Feb 2014. 4500. Now roaming around 20306.
5. Page industry. Feb 2014 it was near 7000. Today it is 15306.
6. Shree Cement. Cement maker. Feb 2014 was 4234. Now 11025.
7. Polson. Former competitor of Amul but now in leather business. Feb 2014 2000 now 6285. Yes. Its difficult right now to be in business. In fact right now there is hardly any buying in this share.
8. Honeywell. Building and construction business. Feb 2014 2500. Right now.7505.
9. Nestle. No need to mention their business. Feb 2014. 5000. Now it is roaming around 6300. Highest was 7300. Least return in this category.
10. 3M India. We all use their products. Like stickit. And markers. Feb 2014 it was 3700. Now it is 8201.
You will realize that all of them except Nestle give more than 100% return.
Again remember the Peter Lynch.
Make business simple. It will definitely successful.



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