Google : A change in global capital markets.

Shares or part of capital. It plays the vital role in capitalism. It give us the information about what is going on in all over the world.
Some days before, there was a company named ExxonMobil was largest in world. After that it comes to Apple, iPhone maker. Warren Buffett and his company, Birkshire Hathaway, even if not largest, but the share Price of Birkshire Hathaway is out of thinking.
And now there is a Google come up with its best results. It beats forecast and all because of it, company makes their shareholders wealthier with nearly $96. Reason? 12-18 months before they acquired the company which helps them to advertising on mobile phone. As they are big name and Big players in market, its possible for them to turn their destiny in one night.
I congratulate Google for this success and interested to see them  in competition for long time



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