Interview with Raghuram Rajan.

I don’t take it. I found it on Quora, Sanket Shaha. Its some part of the interview.
He talked about his personal life, of how he got interested in Science first, then Economics. When he was asked what did he do when he felt low, he said he would say to himself  that he worked so hard that it would have been a shame to give-up.
 he understands the mindset of Average Indian, Rural Indian and Urban Indian pretty well.
o understand the perspective of his thoughts, he went on to tell that it is most important to understand the difference between Financial Wisdom and Literacy. Learning is financial literacy but retaining your learning is financial wisdom.
He has a great comic timing too. While trying to answer how would they communicate internally amongst them during conflicts of interest, he answers,” on phone, via email and sometime using boxing gloves” Although he did understand the perception of the question, but instead of avoiding to answer it, he mocks it.
He is truly motivated to his work. When he was asked how does he stay inspire, he said during graduation he learnt that noise removal in a channel increases efficiency and he used the same idea, now to apply in real life.
When asked about his thoughts on Entrepreneurship, he said,” I give advice only if I get paid for it”.
But he did go on and added Don’t stop, challenge yourself till you are young. If you master a skill, be interesting and move one to a new challenge. 
You don’t get a lunch for free, do you? 
So move out of your comfort zone and Just do it! ( In the Shia Labeouf style)
A funny incident happened highlighting his qualities as a person
He is fast. We wanted a picture with him and so we assembled together in the group picture. To all fools including me in the picture, no one paid attention that photographer wasn’t there. But Rockstar was on his toes, he removes his iPhone from his pocket (faster than we could remove ours) and asks someone to click the picture.
Hey but what good it do to us; when the only picture we have of us with him, is in his iPhone? 😦 
He understands others. We asked him to send it right-away via bluetooth ( Yeah, we did ask him this stupid question) only to later realise that he has an iPhone. But he understood the value of that picture for us and told that he would send us via email. (All of us wondered, why would a governor of RBI waste his time to connect his iPhone and transfer via PC to send it via email to us) But But….He is Raghuram Rajan. In less than 24 hours, we received all the pictures.



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