Flipkart : Profitable or not?

Again. I found it on Quora. Found good. Its an approach about business.
” reading Kim Woo Choong’s autobiography. The former Daewoo Founder, was a newspaper vendor when in teens. In war torn South Korea in 70s, people were crazy and eager for news ( Underserved and expanding). He realized that if he delivers and collects change from each of his customers, he would lose time, limit his sale and wont become the largest newsboy. He devised a new approach. He ran along the pavements giving newspaper to each and every person who would take it and reach the other end of the street fastest. He would collect the money on the journey back. He calculated that even if 5 or 10 people slipped away without paying, he could make 3 times more profit. This is what this visionary did. Flipkart and its investors at this stage are seemingly losing money. In the long run it may not. In chess, this is often called ‘Sham sacrifice‘, a master, apparently offers to sacrifice a bishop. The amateur bites the bait and goes for it. The next masterstroke then beheads his Queen. Flipkart at this stage may be on this forward pass of delivering. The losses in COD are a tactics from Chess book. This is what bachcha investors castigating will miss out.”



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