Social Media : New way of ‘Satyagraha’

Blind Muslim faith
KodaiKanal Won’t
Just watching this videos.
Social Media is a very big force right now that it is impossible to ignore. It makes many changes. It force to even resign minister and changing the way of organizing.
WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google plus and blogs for that matter. This are the ways through which today’s world express themselves. All because of internet, it is easier for common man to tell the world what is going on into your world.
During Freedom fight, it is important for freedom fighters to tell the peopels what is going on. But now there are social networking sites.
One of them is YouTube. I don’t use it even if its there in my phone. But I like this videos.
PS Kodaikanal is the video which force the HUL to change their Some policies.



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