Leaving past behind…

No no no. Its nothing with the philosophy. Actually it’s about my old friends.
During early college days, I was so shy and not able to mixed up with peopels. Then that time, there was a girl named (I don’t want to name her). Infact its because of her, I was there in College for three years. In many ways she helps me. After the college also when I need to talk with someone who is rally close to me.
…and now, She stop the contact with me. All because of some misunderstanding. The issue is so small that I don’t even want to talk and make it big. But yes. I lost my one best friend and I don’t like it.
I don’t know why but yes. I am not crying. Not feeling any bad that she stop contact with me. But feeling bad that it happens all because of Some nonsense crap.



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