Modern Day business : What are they?

Business plays important role in development of human race. Time to time, business change itself. From agriculture to Manufacturing. Then services. There are so many branches in-between this also.
Businesses also help to Give Making money. Most of big businesses are listed on any of  exchanges. It helps them in many ways
But today we are in a different era. Today’s businesses are changing themselves. Internet is inseparable part of today’s life. So our business are also integrated with business. In Indian, we are seeing the flood of Startups. They are great idea, but most of them are not listed on Exchanges. I am trying to find out which are these MODERN DAY BUSINESS?
( There are many new business. I am trying my best to get them all but still if I forget to add someone then you are free to tell me. I will be happy to add them in this list. All of them are so big that it’s possible to write Separate Post on them. I am writing in short about all of them.)
# Messengers : Best name is WhatsApp. It’s difficult for them to earn money. Some of them are making money but they are few.
# Online shopping : The first name which come into our mind for any modern day business is E-Commerce business. No doubt that it is one of the best model in today’s world. But Most of them are not earning anything. Yes there are some like Ebay, Amazon. But they are few.
# E-Wallets : Good business model. All related with Money. If develop by any bank, then there is hardly any extra big investment needed. Good business for making an investment.
# Online Taxi : Best example is Uber. Business model is simple. Rent the car.
# Hospital, Pharma, Medical devices. The need is old but The business develop in recent days. So it is New. Fortis, Apollo and so many names in Outside of India. India is big name in pharma industry as big chunk of our export is pharma.
# Hotels and Food chains : Same like hospital, concepts are different but the business development takes pace in recent years. Simple example which I know is Fassos.
# Cloud Computing : Capital intensive business. We all know them. Some of them are even Listed and aprt of big company. Google drive, Box, Dropbox, ADrive etc.
# Money Management : Humans are always interested to invest. But in recent days the sector develop itself. So I am calling it modern business. Mutual funds, Private Equity, Venture Capital Even the business of Credit Rating also develop itself all for new days need.
# Insurance : Yes. It is Modern world business. It was there before but the development happen in recent years.
There are so many more. This is small part of them. There are many more sector, industry and businesses are developing. I am ready to listen about them.
Waiting for your reply.



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