Reaction of Raghuram Rajan on 2015-16 Budget.

My Choice, says the RBI !
My repo, my CRR, my choice. Not to offer a rate cut, even if the corporate spirit roams unrevived.
My choice, to be size 7.5% or a size 4%. They don’t have an optimum interest rate size, and they never will. To use CRR or the repo to trap inflation is to believe that you can halt the expansion of monsoon induced prices. Or capture growth in the palm of your hand.
Growth is caged, let it free. Interest rate is not; let it be. My choice. To cut or not to cut. To have a rate cut before policy review, out of review or not to review at all. 
My choice
To cut temporarily, or to cut forever. My choice.
To use the CRR or the repo, or both. Remember, the cut is my choice. I am not your privilege. The PDMA to be created, the Monetary Policy Review Committe to be set up, adding your inflation target to mine, they’re all ideas and can be replaced- My commitment for inflation control cannot, so treasure that.
My choice; to declare a review every month. Don’t be upset if I don’t do a review every month. Don’t be fooled if I give a review every week.
My choice, to support growth or not. To pick it up from 2 trillion dollars or not. So don’t get sassy. My inflation control might be your pain; my steadfast rates, your bane. My order, your anarchy. Your sins, my controls.
My choices are like my fingerprints. They make me unique.
I am the central bank of this country. I am the emerging market, not the globe. You are the emerging market. Wake up. Get out of the stagflation storm. I choose to empathise. Never indifferent. I choose to be different. I am the currency. Infinite in every direction. This is my choice.
Source : Prof. Manasi



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