#Brexit And a twit from Respected Man

There are many journalist out there. But I personally Love Very few out of them. Sanjay Pugalia is one out of them. I always love to read his Twits but his Twit on #Brexit is something special for me. Just check

अपनी पार्टी के हार्डलाइनर लोगों को पटाने के चक्कर में David Cameron ने ये वोट थोपा!

नेता वो होता है जो उद्धत जनभावना को तर्क-विवेक समझाए!

Twit Link

Specially the last line.

We all may have different opinions about qualities of leader but on some point, we may agree . I think this is that point.

Again that’s off to Sanjay pugaliya for this twit 


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