The Calling – unleash your true self By Priya Kumar

Himalaya is something which is attracting people for ages. There are so many reasons. Some love to photograph it. Some love to explore it. Some people go there for different reasons. But since ages, our culture, rather the people who are seeking the ultimate knowledge, Himalaya is attracting them towards him. The feeling is always grand when you come across. Many Indian religious beliefs are also attached with it. Like Kedarnath Yatra, Amarnath Yatra. People Feel something different when they start their journey. Though I am spiritual but not religious, i found the Book ‘The calling unleash your true self by Priya Kumar’ very interesting as the cover itself the picture of Himalaya, attract us towards it.
The beauty of the book is that it starts with very simple event. I always encountered with such things : Failure of bike or Car. But what happened After that is the story. If you are aware of the word ‘Syncronicity’ then you may understand it.

Generally everyone has problems in Their life. But the Sadhu – Monk or whatever you may Call him, will not come in our life.  What I feel after reading the book is, we don’t need the Sadhu in our life. As Priya Kumar mentioned it in her Book, “All answers lies within. YOU NEED TO FIND THE PURPOSE OF LIFE.” Feeling lucky that I have hand-painted Copy of the book. What writer wrote in first six pages is very important. One more world-famous writer Deepak Chopra, also mentioned the importance of the Purpose of Life in his very femous Book, ‘Sevene Spiritual Laws of Success’.

Today there are many people who are telling us that I will give you This and that. I think the book will give you simple but applicable message.

No need to find anywhere else. You have everything else in you. Just realise it. 

While reading the book, I was remembering my study of Hawaiian Culture, Their shamans, Huna and Seven sutra like makia, manava pono.

The Beauty of Priya Kumar’s writing is she makes is easy to understand for everyone as everyone is not researcher in all this. Not everyone can understand the language of Deepak Chopra. 

The book is not only the story of Jai and his travel. It is something bigger Then that.


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