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Even though I am writing this blog but This is not my main blog. This site give me identity but there is no subject for this.

I found some very good blogger friends all because of this. But when they come here,it makes very different image of me.

I am a finance blogger as well as CFA Candidate.  Writing and analyzing Companies which are listed on Indian stock market. I have one website for it where I am writing about ratios, companies and sectors.

I started this blog when my current blog is not even in my mind. That’s why you can’t find much of my writing in first somedays. I was not Good blogger then.

I am going to make it sticky post. You can comment here. I will surely reply for good comments. 

If you want to read my blog, you can follow me on Twitter 

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Thanks for all your support. To all bloggers.

You can comment here.


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