Capricorn Facts!

My Special one

Gray Fay

#Capricorn = cold & mysterious on the outside but on the inside a Capricorn is warm & mushy & beyond caring..

#Capricorns hate feeling smothered..

#Capricorn can be your bestfriend or your worst nightmare, but it is totally up to you..

When in love, a #Capricorn will love whole-heartedly even though we may not necessarily show your feelings..

Once a #Capricorns mind is made up, it’s made up, there’s more than likely no back and fourth..

It will take time to get close to a #Capricorn, but it’s always worth the wait..

Trying to attract a #Capricorn? Start off on a intellectual level the physical will follow..

#Capricorns are not the type to go looking for things, they just seem to naturally come to us..

#Capricorns are very stubborn and are not always nice when things don’t go our way..

It is kinda hard to fully understand…

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