This Won’t Matter Either

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Hello dear reader(s)!

Welcome to another star-studded episode of MyFridayBlog™, studded with the stars that were once the suns of inhabited planets, but we took in order to decorate our blog-type-thing, wiping out all life on the surrounding worlds.  In today’s episode, our hero (me), and his plucky, rag-tag bunch of tagged rags discuss the latest outcry over something horrible Donald Trump has said.

This won’t matter either.

Haven’t you gotten it yet?  This is what he is.  He is horrible.  He is a narcissistic, evil person and his narcissistic, evil supporters love him for it.  This is what he does, because this is who he is.  This is not how men talk behind closed doors, or in locker rooms.  This is how evil, piece of shit sociopaths talk.

I’ve said some nasty things to my friends.  I’ve gone into some detail of things done.  But never has that involved…

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Behind the White Coat

IMG_4031“Mommy, I love Audrey.” He said this casually, matter-of-factly, as he was scrambling out of the car after school.

“Oh, really? Why do you feel you love her?” I tried to sound casual, too, even though inside I was screaming: LOVE? You LOVE some girl? Look here, there is no possible way she is good enough so just stop right there, mister!

“She is so beautiful. And she is nice to me. AND, I like to kiss her.” He was so serious.

“You kiss her?” My voice *may* have risen an octave. Aren’t boys supposed to still think girls have cooties?

“I like when she chases to try to kiss me. I run slow on purpose so she she can get me.” He stopped on the sidewalk and looked up at me, earnestly. “It’s romantic love.”

And I’ll be danged, he was serious.

My first thought was, What do you…

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एक्स्ट्रॉ मॅरीटल अफेअर [भाग-३-शेवटचा]

Just loved it

डोक्यात भुणभुणभुणारा मराठी भुंगा

भाग क्र. २ पासुन पुढे…

कॉफी शॉप मध्ये राधीकानेच ऑर्डर दिली, “टु लात्ते (caffè latte) प्लिज!!”
रोहन, “तुला काय माहीत मला लात्ते आवडते?”

राधीका, “अरे म्हणजे काय, कॉलेज मध्ये नाही का एकदा आपण नविन कॅफे सुरु झाले होते तेंव्हा गेलो होतो.. तेंव्हा तु हिच घेतली होतीस कॉफी आणि म्हणाला पण होतास तुझी फेव्हरेट आहे म्हणुन!”

“असेल.. पण झाली त्याला आता ६-७ वर्ष!”, रोहन मनोमन आपली आवड राधीकाच्या लक्षात आहे हे ऐकुन सुखावला होता.

“A Lot Can Happen Over Coffee”, बाहेर लिहिलेल्या वाक्याकडे बोट दाखवत राधीका म्हणाली, “खरंच कित्ती साधे पण तितकेच परीणामकारक वाक्य आहे हे नाही?”

“हम्म..” कॉफी पित-पित, रोहन म्हणाला..”बरं ते जाऊ देत, काय गं, कॉलेज मध्ये तुझ्या मागे तो सुजित होता.. काय झालं पुढे त्याचे? नंतर काहीच कॉन्टाक्ट नाही ना?”

“:-) नाही रे.. मला तर तो निटसा आठवत सुध्दा नाही. आणि तोच काय, कित्तीतरी जणं माझ्या मागे होते :-)), अगदी तु सुध्दा.. हो ना?”, राधीका रोहन च्या डोळ्यात…

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Chetan Bhagat, his tweet and comments on it

Though I am not following him,but I believe what type of comments are comming on it shows support on types of people in India. 


Now read this tweet And also the reply and comments to the tweets 

Nothing New. Found something more shocking.

What he posted is eye opener. 

Yes. Very much true. And shocking. But read further.